Temples, Beautiful Beaches, Forts and Fish Market at Anjarle and Harnai

There’s nothing like a quiet and relaxing weekend break after a tiring week of work. If you are looking to just unwind and kill the stress, then you could choose two fantastic places – Anjarle and Harnai. They are both just the kind of places for you. Escape the city way of life. Spend a couple of days in the lap of nature, with all the comforts your city life offers.

Anjarle – The Anjarle beach is located very close to the village of the same name. It is just a few kilometers from the city of Harnai. Visit this beautiful beach during the day or late afternoon. You will almost always find it empty. There is the stunning blue water of the Arabian Sea at one end. And of the other side you will find palm trees swaying gently. It can be so relaxing. The sand is white and soft. Close by, you will find the famous Kadyawarcha Ganpati temple. You might also want to visit the Dapoli beach on your vacation to the region. Also do not miss the sea forts at Kanakdurg and Suvarnadurg.

Though it is extremely beautiful, but Anjarle remains hidden from mass tourism. And so, you won’t find too many hotels or resorts here. What you will find are some home stays and guest houses. However in many ways, these places are much more hospitable than your traditional hotel. Enjoy a delicious Maratha or Konkan food here.

Harnai – Harnai is a small town on the Konkan coast. This is a long and flat beach that goes all the way to Karde. You can see the Suvarnadurg fort at all times on the horizon at the northern side of the vast sandy beach. The beach is so beautiful that it is difficult to imagine why it has remained hidden from the public eye. But that’s good news for everybody who likes solitude. There are some ancient temples here you could visit. Look at the architecture. You will definitely be impressed. You should definitely visit the Siddhi Vinayak Temple, which dates back to the 18th century.

However the main attraction at Harnai is the fishing harbor. The boats come into the harbor bringing their catch. You can take a closer look as they empty their cargo. You will be able to see a wide variety of fish. It is difficult to imagine that the abyss can hold such a variety of marine life. The fish auction is held every day in the evening at 6 PM. You can silently watch – you don’t have to place a bid. It can be a memorable experience definitely.