Mulshi – A Stunning Weekend Destination from Pune


Mulshi, close to the city of Pune has been described as a paradise by many. The best thing about Mulshi is the lake and the hills all around it. The lake is actually a part of the Mulshi Dam. Water from this lake is used to make electricity to power the homes and commercial establishments of Pune. But you can enjoy the natural attractions of the water body here. The lake can be best viewed if you head out to Valanewadi, which is at a distance of 6 kilometers.

Mulshi is a little less than an hour away from Pune, and so, you can expect a lot of weekend visitors. In fact, Mulshi ranks among the most popular weekend getaways from the city. There are many picnickers too in the winter months. However it never really gets that crowded here, because you can always leave the popular picnic spots and the places most people hang out and venture elsewhere.


For instance, you could go to Tamhini Ghat. The steep cliff on one side and the deep valley on the other look lovely here. There is an old Vanjai mata temple here. And even the road that snakes through the cliffs and valleys presents an amazing ride. During the monsoon, you will be able to see many waterfalls in this road. You will find the road covered with mist during the rainy months.

The best time to visit Mulshi


The weather is perfect in Mulshi. And so, you could visit anytime of the year. There is a special charm in every season. It’s great in the summer because of the cool mountain breeze. Monsoon is the wettest time of the year. The lake is full, and it is also the greenest then. And there is festivity all around during the winter season. But it is really the monsoon which is spectacular in Mulshi. The deep forests of the Sahyadri look the greenest. You will definitely love it. This is the best time of the year to visit this place.


Accommodation in Mulshi


There are two staying two types of options in Mulshi. You may either rent a cottage to enjoy the views from the balcony. Or you may want to camp here as well. There are some very good camping spots around Mulshi. A campfire close to the lake is a romantic way to spend your evening in Mulshi.


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