Tadoba National Park – The Home of the Tiger


Tadoba National Park or the Tadoba-Andhari National Park is the pride of Maharashtra. Some people even call it the “Jewel of Vidharba”. Actually, the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary and Tadoba National Park come together to form what is the Tadoba-Andhari National Park.

Sure enough, there are many other wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and tiger reserves in India such as Kanha, Ranthambhore, Jim Corbett and others. But Tadoba still manages to stand out. Why? That’s because, the chances of seeing the tiger in its natural habitat is higher here. According to the latest tiger census that was carried out in 2012, there are 43 tigers in the core area of the forest that is 625.40 square kilometers, and there are 22 more tigers in the buffer zone. That’s much more than any other forest in the country. Tadoba is a big hope for tiger conservators, wildlife activists, and nature lovers. It has become a case study on how to protect a forest.

The location of Tadoba is quite remote. But it has been becoming quite popular among tourists in recent times, more so, when people began to find out that there was a higher chance of spotting the tiger here. Seeing a tiger in its natural habitat is certainly among the most thrilling experiences possible.

Flora and Fauna at Tadoba

Of course, there is much more to Tadoba than the tiger. Its home to a lot of wildlife. You might be able to see herds of chital, sambar, the sloth bear, spotted deer, barking deer, gaur, wild dogs, leopard, flying squirrel, antelopes, porcupines, and the chausinga. But the tiger is definitely the top draw. The high tiger population means that the forest is in good health. It indicates that there is a lot of prey available for the big cat. Tadoba was a favorite hunting ground for the shikaris once. But those days seem truly gone now.

The vegetation here is dry deciduous, with teak being the prominent flora. Some important trees you will find here include bija, behada, arjun, bamboo, sin, teak, bel, bor, bhera, kusum, mahua, sisoo, semal, and tendu among many others. However bamboo and teak dominates the landscape.

There are many lakes, marshes and rugged cliffs inside the park that make it a visual treat. And of course, there is the thrill of seeing the tiger.

Tadoba National Park is a must visit for wildlife enthusiasts and nature photographers. The best time to visit the park is between November and February. The safari is closed on Tuesdays.


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